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RRG2 - the original Rubber Roll Grinder

The original Rubber Roll Grinder was designed and developed specifically to meet the day-to-day requirements of rubber roll manufacturers supplying industry sectors such as paper making, float glass, printing, strip steel and aluminium production.
This unique, innovative and modular machine has now been further improved by the design engineers of the world renowned Dean Smith & Grace ( a MTTG Company ) to make it even more productive, flexible and operator friendly.

The capabilities of the new RRG2 travelling wheelhead grinder include plain and taper grinding, positive and negative camber profiles, end reliefs and all types of grooving - including radial, linear, diamond and chevron patterns and spreader roll profiles.
All the RRG2 machines are manufactured commissioned and tested in our Technology & Production facilities in Keighley and Halifax, England and continue to be exported throughout the world.

The Dean, Smith & Grace RRG2 is still available in both electronic and full CNC versions.

The complete range of RRG2 machines are built to meet a customer's specific requirements and Dean, Smith & Grace and MTTG engineers are always available to discuss and advise on specifications and applications.

Special Features -

  • The modular construction offers options for programmable A and B axes, with grooving, routing or linishing heads, 'manual swivel in' platen with rotary adjustment and detachable routing, grooving or linishing heads.
  • Fully programmable grooving head with full suite of easy-to-use on screen prompt grooving cycles (no G code programming necessary).
  • Our range of attachments provide a full suite of solutions for radial, helical, annular and linear grooving requirements.

RRG2 - Standard Specification

Swing over slides 49ins 1245mm
Distance between centres (standard) 118ins 3,000mm
Distance between centres (optional) 80 to 400ins 2,000 to 10,000mm
Minimum diameter ground (with 30" wheel) 1.574ins 40mm
Wheel size (OD x ID x Width) 30x12x3ins 762x304.8x76.2mm
Workhead speed            0 to 400 RPM
Wheelhead hollow bore 3.0709ins 78mm
Workhead spindle taper Reducing bush with 5 morse taper
Tailstock (built in rotating)            5 morse taper
Max workpiece weight 8,960 lbs 4,000 kgs
Main motor, grinding spindle 30" wheel 24.3HP 18.5kW
Floor area (approx.) 225.5 x 90.5ins 5,700 x 2,300mm
Weight of 3,000mm machine 31,970 lbs 14,500 kgs

Standard Equipment -

  • Incremental infeed of wheel head
  • Auto reciprocation with easy to set end of stroke limits
  • DRO to infeed and long travel
  • Standard electronic cycles with spark out
  • Electronic handwheel
  • Ballscrew to infeed & long travel
  • Tailstock mounted wheel dresser
  • 3 jaw chuck to front of spindle with clamping ring to rear of spindle
  • 1 off wheel hub
  • 1 off tailstock
  • Operator safety and coolant splash guards, with easy overhead or front loading
  • Standalone coolant tank
  • Machine operation manual, maintenance manual with copy of electrical drawings and spare parts lists
  • Safety interlocked guards
  • CE Mark safety standard

Machine Enhancements & Optional Equipment -

  • Full CNC with built in positive and negative cambering, parabolic and CVC cambers profiles
  • Optional centre distances
  • Manual 'Swivel In' with interchangeable grooving, routing & linishing attachments
  • Programmable A & B Axes with grooving, routing & linishing attachments
  • Optional 3 and 4 jaw chucks
  • 3 point steadies
  • Totally enclosed machine guarding
  • 1 year's operational spares
  • External grinding wheels
  • Coolant filtration system in lieu of standard coolant tank
  • Installation supervision
  • Training

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